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17 responses to “8 Ad Manager Plugins for WordPress”

  1. Wordpress Tricks

    Hi, i’m have same interesting with you and i found your website from google. You give nice info for wordpress plugin and it’s really informatif. Can i copy your post into my blog ?
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  2. WordPressVideos.TV

    Much thanks for the fantastic article. I am always searching for great plugins to suggest to my clients. Much thanks for taking the time to write this tutorial . Do you know the answer to this question: Will inactive plugins slow down the WordPress admin console? I realize that active WordPress plugins will slow it down, but I’m just wondering if inactive plugins will? Can anybody tell me?
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  3. Bokme

    Ad-minister is very good one, i have been using it since a year.
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  4. Sean@MyCommAd

    Thanks for this great information, I am totally following you on this.

  5. Mr. Alexander

    Greetings Tommy, great article.

    Out of all the solutions you provided above I believe Ad-MInister is the best as it gives the greatest flexibility.

    It allows me to “place” a banner with position on a page and I can edit the HTML at any time. While the other plugins are good as well, they are limited to the sizes that are “pre-defined” with the plugin. Also, Ad-MInister is some what outdated and has several minor bugs.

    Are there any other plugins that you may recommend similar to Ad-Minister ?

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Mr. Alexander
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  7. iamlookingforajob

    Good afternoon. How Can I Choose What Kinds of Ads Google Ad Sense Gives My Site? I have already Google Ad Sense Ads on my website but I dont have readers click my ad on my blog either. I think ive made about $0.35 this week. Thats pretty bad…..

  8. W3Poker

    Fantastic, advertising on my site just steped up & gear & manually remembering to do tasks get forgot

  9. alan hough

    Thanks for the info. WP125 is great and works well.

  10. Signupandmakemoney

    Thanks for the list of Ad plugins. I think the WP125 plugin looks the best because it is compatible with WP 2.8. I think I’m going to give it a try.

  11. fachrul

    thx for info. .I like ads 125 only :D

  12. Contextual Advertising

    There have been hundreds of Movable Type plugins created by our developer community over the past five years; Contextual Advertising

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