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11 responses to “Join Traffic Exchange Or Not?”

  1. Traffic Generator

    I have very littile succsses with these sites ( traffic exchange sites).
    I think it does not worth to invest my time in. any way thanks for the post.

  2. free website traffic

    There are lots and different methods for getting free web traffic to your site. Most of them are lucrative and work well. But you need to put in some work in order to see results. Nice sharing.

  3. buy website traffic

    I agree most of the time they send junk traffic which is totally useless. I know I never pay attention to the sites when I am surfing for points. I guess others are doing the same.

  4. Richard

    I just decided to stop using traffic exchanges on my main blog as a result of some of the things you discussed above.

    Number one Google did ban me for using exchanges and I lost all of my PR. I had also noticed that my bounce rate was up around 90%. Within a couple days of not using traffic exchanges my bounce rate is now in the 80% range, that tells me something right there.

    Never EVER use adsense on traffic exchanges, Google will know. I lost a check every three months over traffic exchanges, trust me.

    I was one of the member’s of ClickThru way back when and at first my rankings were strong then Google started to break down on traffic exchanges. One day I logged into my adsense account to see how many clicks I had received and found that Google had decided that traffic exchanges were a open field of click fraud and fly-by-night scammers so they locked me out..

    My newest thought is to use a different domain with splash pages that link back to my main blog rather than using traffic exchanges to bring traffic directly to the site. If you have tried this and it did not work let me know so I don’t waste a bunch of time.

  5. josh trip

    Thanks for the post, found it very useful.

  6. Philip Strickland

    Hey Tommy

    I’ve used and continue to use traffic exchanges, I’ve never promoted my blogs or websites only sales pages or list building pages. It’s my opinion that the only ones who ever make money are the owners who as soon as good affiliate program or site comes along mass promote it to their own lists. I find it laughable that people promote the latest thing that the owers have recommened and try to compete for sales with the owners. Never promote anything they recommend as everyone has already seen it.

    .-= Philip Strickland´s last blog: Free Vs Pro Memberships- Who Really Wins – You Lose- =-.

  7. Jen

    Everyone with the ability to start a blog or webpage is an expert these days. Anyone who is “probably eating, watching TV, while the exchange runs in the background” is using an autosurf exchange. Everyone knows these are useless for advertising purposes. And not all autosurfs are ponzi schemes. The ponzis are the ones that offer a cash percentage if you surf x number of sites per day. They have no purpose but to get your money as quickly as possible before the fold or run.

    The exchanges you mentioned are manual exchanges. The viewer must click on a specified “button” in order to move to the next page. Those of us who use these exchanges understand that they are good for mainly advertising other online money making ventures. If you are trying to sell a car or get customers for your new book store, a traffic exchange is not the place to do it.

    Exchange members submit their sites and view other member’s sites. For this, they receive credits to continue to show their sites. If they choose to upgrade, they are usually given a higher surf ratio and/or a chance to earn a commission for other members they bring in (referrals). How is this “working” for the TE owner? True, more activity means higher rankings in the engines, but that is the case with ANY online site.

  8. James

    Thank you, as a TE owner you are telling the truth, it is very simple to use, and you will get a better return if you focus on quality banners and stunning eye catching splash pages. the idea is to sell the idea of the surfer looking at your site not selling a product yet.


  9. Sign up Bonuses

    That was a very informative post on traffic exchanges. I agree traffic exchanges are a good source of traffic, but you have to pick the right ones in order to not waste your time.

  10. Rob

    Totally not worth the time. You are better off working at McDonald’s, and then use your wages to buy online ad space.